African Safaris/ Hunts for sale Mankazana Safaris

Location South Africa, Eastern Cape

All packages include the following:

  • Transportation from and to airport to camp.
  • Lodging and meals, & drinks in “moderation”.
  • Services of all staff (PH, trackers, camp).
  • Field dressing of trophies (caping and gutting).

Package #1

8 day Package 1X1 hunt


  • Choose 4 of 5 Animals (Impala, Common Blesbok, Southern Duiker, Common Springbok, Warthog)

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Package #2

8 Day Package 1X1 hunt


  • Choose 4 of 6 (Nyala, Cape Eland, Bushbuck, Eastern Cape Greater Kudu, Black Wildebeest, Hartebeest)

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Package #3

8 days, 1 x 1 hunt


  • Choose 3 of 5 (springbuck, impala, duiker, warthog, baboon)
  • Choose 2 of 4 (hartebeest, black wildebeest, gemsbuck, kudu)

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South Africa’s Eastern Cape Current Prices (US Dollars)

Traditional Safaris (7 Day Minimum)
Daily Rates:*
1X1 = $400 per day
2X1 = $325 per day
Observer = $180 per day

Trophy Fees

Baboon $300
Blesbuck, Common $500
Blesbuck, White $750
Bontebuck POR
Buffalo POR
Bushbuck, Cape $850
Bushpig, baited $750
Duiker, Blue $1,900
Duiker, Grey $300
Eland, Cape $2,750
Fallow Deer $650
Gemsbuck $1,400
Giraffe $2,750
Grysbok Cape $1,900
Hartebeest, Red $1,200
Impala $450
Klipspringer $2,000
Kudu, Cape $1,400
Lynx/Caracal (hunted with dogs)** $950
Lechwe, Red $2,900
Nyala $2,750
Oribi $2,750
Reedbuck, Common $1,400
Reedbuck, Mountain $600
Rhebuck, Vaal $1,850
Roan Antelope POR
Sable Antelope POR
Springbok, Cape $400
Springbok, Copper $1,200
Springbok, Black $550
Springbok, White $1,000
Steenbok $350
Vervet Monkey $100
Warthog $470
Waterbuck $2,500
Wildebeest, Black $1,200
Wildebeest, Blue $1,200
Zebra, Burchells $1,450

*All fees are subject to change. We will not increase fees once a hunt is booked EXCEPT in the case of significant exchange rate fluctuations.

**There will be an additional fee of $125/day to cover the dogs and dog handler.

Daily Rates Include: Services of a licensed professional hunter, hunting vehicle and support team. Pick-up and drop-off at Port Elizabeth Airport on arrival and departure days. Accommodations, meals, soft drinks, liquor, local beer, and wines in reasonable quantities. Daily laundry service. Field preparation of trophies to a local taxidermist or shipping agent. Value added tax.

Daily Rates DO NOT INCLUDE: Any air travel, pre and post safari accommodations and meals. Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded and lost. Hire of rifles and ammunition, gratuities to professional hunter and staff. The preparation, packing and documentation and export of trophies from South Africa and all items of a personal nature.

More packages to be added soon.